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Oh my gosh, this is absolutely breathtaking. This takes me back to dramatic movie scenes where lovers in the 18th century are bound to a tragic end! Amazing. Do you play the violin yourself?

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks so much - glad you liked it. Your description was very near to what inspired me - the movie "Barry Lyndon" by stanley kubrick - one of my favourit movies. If you dont know it: Whatch it. Really tragic, romantic, epic, strong and expressive. Kubrick is known to have the best implemtations of classical music in his works. The main theme of Barry Lyndon is the schubert piano trio Op.100. I used to play violin many years ago. Meanwhile i focused on the piano. Everything you hear in this piece has been crafted virtually.

All the best!

I really like your guitar improvisation. It sounds so relaxed and effortless, which is excellent, relaxing and soothing to listen to. For the continuous beat in the back, it doesn't really do the great guitar play justice. The beats are a little bit hollow, stiff, unfitting with the flowing guitar play and they also become a bit repetitive... but that's probably their role, to stay unchanging and form the base?

Tacomillagroll talked about "weird, jerky robotic feel" and at first I interpretated it as a positive point out and really enjoyed the robot-like theme in it, haha. I find this piece very well composed. It has great flow in feeling - I'm bad in expressing myself I suppose.

ForeverBound responds:

Thank u sir I'm glad u liked it

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Love the rawness of it. The style reminds me someone else's work, though I think his was traditionally made. ...I see they don't appreciate HTML's. I'll pm you the link, cause I feel you might like it.

Do you know the Spider-man artist Paolo Rivera? This work reminded me of his. I find his work phenomenal. The first time I read a Spidey comic by him (drawn and painted by him, I believe) I was blown away by the realism and the strong clair-obscure contrast in the strokes. If you don't know him, you should really look him up :)

I love how you painted Spidey - great lighting shades, the muscles, movement, perspective and the paint strokes - and how you made the angle work in the composition. I have only two pointers - which are probably more taste-related -: Spidey's left foot's shape looks a little off, like the ankle is too thick or the sole on his heel is not high enough, and the shading of the building above Spidey's left shoulder and the roof behind him. I think the way they are painted a little flat in comparison to the rest of the picture. Perhaps this is because they are background forms and you want to take focus away from it. This is only my humble suggestion, but perhaps you could try rougher strokes on them to bring more depth in texture in them.

I think this image is great and my review became a lot longer than I intended! I hope my feedback could be of use to you.

Brakkenimation responds:

Hi! I was not familiar with Paolo Rivera, but I have checked out his stuff after you mentioned him and I say I am a fan. I dig the way he uses colours :D

Thanks very much for your feedback! Sorry for the late response to it. I will definitely keep your points in mind for future drawings. Yeah the background ended up being a little half-finished, mainly because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted for it, so it stayed incomplete.

Glad you enjoy it and thanks for your review :)

I'm specialized in painting, drawing, illustrating, sculpting, doing modern comics. Really nice musicians they have here!

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